Wine and evo oil tastings at Conventino Monteciccardo

Begin your wine-curious journey between old tales and new tastes: in a pristine charming valley not too far from the sea, on sweet and breezy hills where an ancient cloister of the 1500 sits, giving our name.

Treat yourself and give your loved ones an unique experience that combines the pleasure of tasting strictly organic wines and oils to the emotion of enjoying and discovering a pristine enchanting landscape, where our tale begins and continues. A tale we are happy to tell you.

Get to know closely the Conventino Monteciccardo through the tales of we “modern farmers”: we farm a more sustainable future with passion, research and effort, loving and respecting our soil from which our products originate.

We offer you to know the best part of our job tasting the products of Conventino through different selections of wines and oils, in order to always satisfy your curiosity.

You can come and taste our products on the following days: Monday to Friday from 8.30 am to 12.30 pm and from 2.30 pm to 6.30 pm Saturday from 9.30 a.m. to 12.30 p.m.

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Do you want to discover the natural beauty of our valley? Are you curious to find out how a wine or oil is made here in Conventino?

Prior to your tasting, you can give yourself one of our guided tours to see closely where our products originate and to learn our philosophy of organic production and deep love and respect for our land.

Our guided tours are available in Italian, English, french. 5 steps will bring you to discover every magic place of Conventino Monteciccardo.

You can participate in company tours, available in three languages, on the following days:
– Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. and 2:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m.
– Saturday from 9.30 am to 12.30 pm

Reservations are required for farm tours. Groups of 6 or more may request experiences at times other than those listed.

Wine-tales from our enchanting valley

Who is going to welcome you?

All the Conventino Monteciccardo team is looking forward to welcome you in our valley, to discover our life, our lands and our property.
Here everyone has its own traits and tales to tell you, and we try our best to get you to know Conventino Monteciccardo, hopefully conveying to you all our passion for this gorgeous valley and the products it gifts to us.

Let’s know all the Coventino team!


Anything you might ask him, Marco knows it and does it, from the Cellar to the Oil-mill.
Marco doesn't speak much about himself but he likes to know about you and what you need. With him “asking for something” is already having it.


Dynamic and tireless, she waits for you with open arms.
Doesn't matter how old you are or if it is your first meeting.
She will always welcome you like a mom.


Candidly Francesca, with a teacher's heart transplanted in a farm. She keeps calm and serenity even in the hardest and busiest of days. Put yourself at ease and listen to her advice, she will help you in your purchases with her personal experiences.

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Got an adventurous spirit and do you want to discover our pristine valley?

We are always happy to welcome who loves experiencing nature. If you wish to explore autonomously the surrounding landscapes, we will point you to the 2 trails we traced for you.

You choose length and difficulty, we provide the trail map and the indications needed!

Are you planning a group guided tour or simply you’d like someone telling you tales and local anecdotes during the trail?

You can arrange your trip with a trekking guide to keep you company with interesting trivia of local history and local wildlife.

Contact us for further info and costs.


Aselya Makhamejanova
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Yesterday we were guests at this amazing place for wine tasting/buying and had an absolutely wonderful evening. For us it is was organised a well-guided tour to see wine/oil production, vineyards and 100years old olive trees, and a beautiful table to taste delicious local products with wine tasting, of course. Everything there is maintained with care and sincere passion to their business that has a great potential. Bravi!!
Anita S.
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We had an amazing time at this wine farm. We got a detailed tour of how their award winning oil as well as their excellent wine is produced. After a detailed tour, we took part in a delicious tasting and bought several bottles of phenomenal good value wine. I highly recommend this place! Thanks for the hospitality! —
Atle L
Italy in a glas and on a plate on top of a mountain
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Hidden gem with amazing view on top of the mountain. Great local wine with local grapes, high quality olive oil production and extremely local charcuterie of meat and cheese. The couple running this place are amazing with such big love for what they do. This is a must seen and explore visit to experience people who really love what they do on a nerdy level to, beeing both sommelier of wine and sommelier of oliveoil
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Abbiamo visitato spontaneamente e siamo rimasti squisitamente sorpresi! La migliore esperienza che abbiamo avuto finora in Italia! Il proprietario ci ha fornito un tour dettagliato di tutto, in cui la sua passione per la produzione di vino e olio è diventata molto chiara. Altamente raccomandato!
Francesco Pula
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I do not consider myself a great connoisseur, neither of wine nor of oil, but the fact that the company's products are above the regional average is undeniable, an excellence for the Montecchio area and for the entire Marche region. and passion at work, visible from the arrival. Congratulations! See you next time.
Sara Speranzini
Read More
It was a fantastic day. While the children had a great time, we tasted quality oil and wine. We highly recommend it


To book or clarify any doubts, contact us directly at the farm at +39 0721 910574, via whatsapp at 347 3169865 (Francesca) or with the form below.


Come si svolge la visita?

Al tuo arrivo, potrai parcheggiare il tuo mezzo con semplicità nella piazzola che si trova prima dell’ingresso alla struttura. C’è spazio per tutti, anche per i pullman.

Dopo esserci presentati, inizieremo la visita dalla nostra meravigliosa terrazza che si affaccia sui vigneti, dove saremo lieti di introdurti al mondo Conventino, raccontandoti della nostra filosofia e illustrandoti le nostre cultivar. Nel frattempo, ci sposteremo sull’altra ala dell’azienda, dove potrai vedere da vicino i nostri olivi.

Hai mai visto un Frantoio di ultima generazione? 

Ti porteremo alla scoperta del nostro frantoio che ci permette di produrre oli con caratteristiche organolettiche e qualitative davvero uniche. 

Lavorando olive di altissima qualità ed applicando ricerca e studio in ambito tecnologico di trasformazione otteniamo extravergini ricchissimi di polifenoli. Ne hai già sentito parlare? Ti spiegheremo perché sono importanti per l’olio, ma soprattutto per noi e per la nostra salute!

Dall’olio passiamo al vino, dandoti il benvenuto nella Sala vinificazione. Qui è dove l’uva diventa mosto.

Dopo la raccolta rigorosamente a mano, nel periodo di vendemmia le nostre uve vengono accolte in questo ambiente per essere selezionate nuovamente dalle nostre mani. Successivamente fermenteranno, ognuna a seconda della tipologia, con l’ambizione di divenire un grande vino!

Come facciamo a capire il momento giusto per la vendemmia?

Anche grazie al nostro laboratorio!

Superandolo, arriveremo in cantina dove troverai tantissime botti in acciaio inox: saranno piene o vuote? 

E come facciamo a mantenere l’olio evo così fresco e buono? Ti mostreremo le stanze di stoccaggio nate, pensate e progettate appositamente per garantire la massima qualità dei nostri oli.

Il nostro magico labirinto sotterraneo, l’ambiente più buio, fresco e poetico: benvenuto nella nostra Cantina.

Tutto parla di vino in questo piano dove il silenzio è quasi assordante.

Qui, dove il tempo scorre lento, troviamo la barricaia con i legni contenenti i nostri vini più pregiati, le bottiglie in affinamento del nostro Metodo Classico e tutto il resto della nostra produzione enoica.

La nostra visita termina infine tornando all’aria aperta, affacciati sui nostri vigneti, con una brevissima camminata fino al punto vendita dove, se vorrai, potrai inizierai la tua degustazione.


How is the tour like?

Arriving, you can park easily in the spot before the entrance of the building. There is enough space for everybody, even buses. After presentations, we start the tour on the gorgeous patio facing the vineyards, where we are happy to introduce you to the Conventino world, telling you about our philosophy and explaining our cultivars. Meanwhile, we move to the other side of the farm, seeing closely our olive trees.
Have you ever seen a next-generation oil-mill? We guide you to the discovery of our oil-mill, that allows us to produce oils with organoleptic properties like no others. Processing superior quality olives and researching on transformation technology we obtain oils rich in polyphenols. Have you heard of ? We explain you why they are so important for our oil, but mainly for our health!
From oil to wine, welcoming you in the wine-making room. Here is where the grapes turn to wort. During harvest, our strictly hand picked grapes are accommodated in this room to be selected again by our hands. Next they will ferment, according to each kind, yearning to become a great wine!
How can we detect when it’s time to harvest? Thanks also to our laboratory! Passing it, we reach a cellar full of stainless steel barrels: full or empty? And how can we keep our evo oil so good and fresh? We show you the storage rooms, specifically designed and created to maintain the maximum quality of our oil.
Our underground dark and poetic magical maze: welcome to our wine cellar. Everything speaks about wine in this floor where silence is almost deafening. Here, where time moves slowly, the barrique woods stand full of our finest wines, together with the refining bottles of our Metodo Classico and all the rest of our enoic production. Our tour ends again outdoor facing our vineyards, with a brief stroll to the shop where if you wish, you can start your tasting.