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The wild.

It is not a random name. Even as a child, the young Marcantonio showed his strength. Powerful and concrete Goliath is not one to which one can easily approach. It is not reserved, mind you, but knows how to be angular, impetuous if called into question, sanguine and sincere, a bit like his own, but with a strength that he often does not realize. His attitude is not a question of attitude, but of a complex story that is difficult to understand and explain. He is often dark in the face and his opaque black coat makes him resemble that of the bear that often accompanies him and with which it is easy to confuse him. It exudes a fragrance that smells of wood and balsamic. It should be treated and taken very carefully. We cannot say that we do not trust him, but rather that those who know him well know that they must be taken with pincers. It is a wild, less domesticated and therefore absolutely fascinating.

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A mano in piccole cassette, solo i grappoli migliori


sulle bucce per 25 giorni, Tini di rovere francese da 90Hl


30 mesi in barriques di secondo passaggio


Senza filtrazione

Anidride solforosa

Aggiunta di 2gr/hl alla messa in barriques


15 mesi in bottiglia

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