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Merlot, naturale.


The stranger.

Leo is strong, dry, proud. At first sight almost bold. He has traveled a lot, can be seen from the foreign sounds in his speech. He knows how to live in a group, he knows how to mediate with others, always creating the conditions to have the right harmony with his brothers. He would never take advantage of his remarkable power, but it is clear that with his physicality he could impose himself without having adversaries. However, he prefers his round way of putting those in front of him at ease. Of the foreigner he has the security, the experience and the depth of those who know how to travel. He is said to have been seen in other lands in fact, walking with a lion, the kings of the forest know how to distinguish themselves.

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A mano in piccole cassette, solo i grappoli migliori


sulle bucce per 20 giorni, Tini di rovere francese da 90Hl


30 mesi in barriques di secondo passaggio


Senza filtrazione

Anidride solforosa

Aggiunta di 2gr/hl alla messa in barriques


15 mesi in bottiglia

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