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Bianchello del Metauro, naturale


The Guardian.

Although younger than Fausto, Fulvo is undoubtedly one of the clan’s sages, strange to say, in a clan of ancient subjects and out of the frenzy of modern time. Of the clan, which is not just about beings but is above all places, landscapes and flavors, he knows the story, respects it and transmits it. It is a reference for everyone, appreciated for its frankness and sincerity. He is one of the elderly and you perceive him from his dull look that never allows you to look beyond. It is a nocturne, you could often see it while with its barn owl, it carefully observes the valley, hidden among the leafy branches of the trees, you could almost confuse it with the ancient wood of those same trees, despite its silent and padded step. It is constant and with its presence it confirms the possibility that these magical beings may still exist for a long time.

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Bianchello del Metauro


By hand in small boxes, Only the best grapes


6 months in steel


Without filtration

Anidride solforosa

NO SO2 added


2 months in bottle