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Famoso, naturale


The one who returns.

The Marcantoni knew of its existence, but no one had ever seen it. Had he lived there? Definitely before them and even before others before them. For them it was a legendary figure, a story to be told around the fire with that mixture of thrills for the youngest and inexperienced in life. Then one day it appears in the woods. Naturally, as if time had never passed, with the calm that only a sage among the wise can have. Fausto is an ancient man among the Marcantoni, but he knows how to be exuberant, bringing with him the aromas of aromatic herbs and citrus fruits.

They thought he had disappeared and instead he returned, with his yellow-green hair, like the last glimpses of summer. Decided as his firm and straightforward expression which, though never transparent, betrays perhaps the effort made to avoid extinction and the effort that allowed him to return to his places, among his peers, together with a fox that precedes him step by step.