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100% Famoso, naturale.


Another figure hovers in the woods of the Marcantoni.
His original nature is not unlike that of Fausto, in facts like him
for a long time he lived far from his fellow men. He is an ancient, a subtle mind and he could have been a wise man if it were not for a different drive that made him rebellious, and not just a pilgrim. He wanted to experiment on himself experiences and paths different from what his tradition would have suggested.

Paths that have made him unique, grumpy, obstinate and proud, free to express his wild nature, but – after a first contact he can even prove exquisite. All this has made him legendary among the legends, fascinating because different and mysterious; reckless because outside the box. His nature precedes him, he is an adventurer who leaves indelible traces to his passage. It cannot leave you indifferent since its impetus still has the colors and scents of nature that lives without reservations, so much so that it deserves a name that is a fact: notorious!

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Prima vendemmia imb.


Resa per ettaro



By hand in small boxes




10 days in fermenting skins

Maturazione in bottiglia
Anidride solforosa

without added solphites