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Lacrima e Aleatico, naturale.


The fragrant.

It is unique and for this reason it is fascinating, a discreet seducer, for its almost feminine and extremely posed and elegant movements. It is not usual to see it in the forest and its sorties are preceded by long periods of meditation. When it shows however, it is its scent that precedes it, concentrating on itself all the attention. Although polite and gentle he never loses his firmness and never takes advantage of this magic that envelops him. In his pilgrimage, he is followed by a lively white kid who hops around him making his presence, if possible, even more unique and lively.

Additional information


Lacrima 50%, Aleatico 50%


A mano in piccole cassette, solo i grappoli migliori


sulle bucce per 15 giorni, Tini di rovere francese da 90Hl


30 mesi in barriques di secondo passaggio


Senza filtrazione

Anidride solforosa

Aggiunta di 2gr/hl alla messa in barriques


18 mesi in bottiglia

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