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Incrocio Bruni 54, naturale


The traveler.

They call him the wayfarer, he is not a resident like the others and his arrival in the woods is always preceded by an eagle flying over the valley. Its mantle has a particular color, only in light of the only one can perceive that it is not of black it is, but of a gradation of brown dyed like its name, with reflections that in the sun become almost golden. But it is not for this reason that you distinguish it, it is its physicality that makes the difference. Robust, well planted but still sunny. He is a reflective, certainly, even more silent than the others, but no less of a “character”. Bruno is not just a name, rather an adjective, a way of being, of contemplating, an element of thickness that must be known calmly and with curiosity.

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Incrocio Bruni 54


By hand in small boxes, Only the best grapes


Steel with maceration on the skins for 16 hours


6 months in steel


Without filtration

Anidride solforosa

NO SO2 added


4 months in bottle

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