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Su alte colline,
il soffio del mare

At Monteciccardo

We are in Monteciccardo, in the province of Pesaro-Urbino, immersed in
the green of our region of the Marche and at the foot of an ancient convent
from the 1500s which gave us their name.

A pure territory

Here is our enchanted valley, one step away from the sea, surrounded by
the green hills and its unspoiled nature. This is where our vineyards and
our olive trees grow and thrive, thanks to the organic farming made
possible by the wonderful ecosystem in which we are.
This is where it all starts.

Egidio Marcantoni - Ritratto

“I like bonds. I consider them gifts that I defend and protect.
So, at some point in my life, I decided to bind me inextricably to the
land and with my family I founded the Conventino of Monteciccardo.
Il Conventino keeps my nature and my roots, but mostly preserves
the history and traditions that belong to everyone.
We cultivate the land with this spirit and produce wine in the share name. Wine
that aggregates and gladden the hearts, which is the direct link between man
and Mother Nature, what foods the will to life.
The tension led me to happiness in a vineyard and I hope that
every sip of my wine is worthy witness. “