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Conventino’s January, 2018

Projects in progress and new plans for this beginning of 2018 of the Conventino Monteciccardo.

Behind the scenes there are those who are preparing a major update of our site: new features and new content will soon be online!
Already today you can find the new active page of awards won by our oil and our wine. Also you can see a preview of the new events calendar that will be constantly updated!
With this post from our monthly diary we inaugurate the reorganization of the contents of our site: new columns, new recipes and better navigation.

“The roots cannot be forgotten”

Egidio Marcantoni in a recent interview by Franco Bertini for  “Il Resto del Carlino” tells us as his history has woven with that of our farm. This and other curiosities in the integral extract of the article.

Recent Awards

As already anticipated from today you can find all the recent awards to the dedicated page. In this section of the column we will focus only on the current month. January saw our oil protagonist, but even the wine did not go unnoticed!

  • IWC 2018: Il Famoso nel Convento wins the Bronze Medal
  • Rassegna degli Oli Monovarietali 2018: Frà Bernardo awarded with 8,1 punti; Frà Giocondo premiato con 7,9 punti; Frà Pasquale awarded with 7,9 punti

Next events

February is already heating and the first appointments have already been fixed: we will move to Belgium!

We remind you that you can find all the upcoming events in the new page dedicated to events.

January’s recipe: Frappe di Carnevale with Passum

Continue the collaboration with Elisa of Foodimmersions that this month delights us with a typical Marche recipe, accompanied by our sweet passito. Curious? Read the complete recipe!