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Extra Virgin Olive Oil Monocultivar Ascolana



Royal and golden opening on apples and mango pulp. Then basil, marjoram and the famous leaves of tomatoes that are so much in its own nature. Scent of kiwi, through hints of almond which donate the most elegant bitter note to this oil. A surprisingly ending on heather enriches the spicy closure of intense white pepper notes.

Legumes, boiled meat, shellfish, raw vegetables, pasta bacon and pit, cream, ricotta ravioli.

Additional information

Additional information

Cultivar Ascolana

Soil Clay and tuff

Altitude 350m above sea level

Farming method Monocono

Plant density 500 plants/ha

Planting system 5×4

Yield per plant 20 kg/plant

Harvesting With mechanical shakers and umbrella to the trunk spoiler

Pressing A hammer with change in speed (from 1600 to 3600 rpm)

Kneading Constant temperature at 24 ° C, a controlled atmosphere with nitrogen and detection system of the amount of oxygen present in the tank.

Extraction Two-phase decanter without separator

Filtering From the exit of the decanter with a cellulose filter

Storage In stainless steel tank at 18 ° C constant and controlled atmosphere in nitrogen

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